My experience with breathwork

I think, the circle of inhaling and exhaling is one of the most underestimated functions of our bodies. For years, I only concentrated on my breathing when I was singing. That was also when I realized, that there was something off about it. I couldn’t hold a note for a long time. I felt a lot of tension in my body. Physiotherapists always told me, that they had a hard time to feel my breath because it is so shallow. I tried to work on that with breathing exercises, but to be honest, I didn’t particularly like it so I did not stick to it. 


I kept the theme of breathing in the back of my mind. I heard about techniques and read about studies, but nothing hooked me up until I found Uhkare, who is working as a breathwork guide in the US. Via zoom she is accessible for everyone around the globe. I felt totally drawn to her work, although I had no idea, what it was exactly about, so I messaged her and she was so kind to let me have an onboarding session with her. 


I felt so comfortable with Uhkare. In the beginning, she explained to me, what I had to expect and during the whole session, I felt totally safe. It´s so funny, she was there on my laptop via zoom but it felt as if she was in the room. After explaining the breathing technique to me, which I had to do for the first minutes, I lay down with a pillow under my head and knees, a face mask and a blanket. And then the journey began:


It was so easy to understand Uhkare and I had just deep trust for her. And when I say, it’s easy to understand, it really is, because I am German. It has been so natural to just follow her voice. For some minutes, we totally concentrated on breathing through the mouth: baby inhale into the belly, baby inhale into the breast and big exhale. Nothing more.


My lips felt a little dry and the face of my grandmother flashed into my mind. Just before she died, she always had dry lips. Then my arms started to feel heavier and heavier and they began to tingle in a comfortable way, my face as well. 


Uhkare asked me to go on breathing and to put my hands together like for a prayer and then to separate the hands and feel the energy in-between of them. She said, this energy is all mine, not from my ancestors or from anyone else and in that moment, I started to cry. I was pleasant and healing, something cracked open.


We went on breathing through the nose and she said I should let go, maybe visions would come, maybe nothing will happen. At the beginning, I just enjoyed the music she played in the background and the silence in my head. Then I experienced a little journey through my past and my future, I met my younger and my older self. The music was so perfect, I just floated away. Although I met a situation in my past which had caused a trauma in me, seeing this scene in this breathwork-meditation did not feel uncomfortable at all. I felt totally safe and whole as if I was healing something. I point that out because I know, sometimes, we are afraid of letting go, because we do not know what to expect. I really tried out a lot of things so far like systemic constellation, NLP, channeling, past life regression or spirit releasement therapy for example. I love them all. Breathwork for me has been the most gentle experience, the most effortless and the one, I personally could let go best.


Sometimes I had little thoughts coming to my mind like: „Maybe I want to book another session“ or „Hmm, what else would I like to see“, but then I relaxed again and said to myself: „Trust, just trust“. Uhkare observed my breath the whole time. Sometimes she asked me something, so easy questions, I immediately found an answer. The whole time, I felt totally supported. After the session, I felt so peaceful and so connected to my inner self. The topic of the right breathing technique wasn’t important anymore. Breathwork is so much more. It´s about trust, letting go and re-connecting with your soul. And, what I really love about Uhkare´s work: It is so effortless. You do not have to think about doing anything right or wrong. You just have to lay there and be. I am sure, that wasn't my last breathwork session. Thank you, Uhkare, for that experience. 


If you are interested to learn more about breathwork, you can visit Uhkares Instagram Account: @uhkarebreathwork or you can listen to the breathwork Episode 07 of the Dayluna Human Design Podcast with here. I totally enjoyed it. 

If you want to have a deep dive into your soul and find out more about the magic inside of you, you can also book a guiding session with me or a human design reading